Well-Being for Balance and Harmony

What is Wellness
and Well-being?

Well-being, self-improvement, transformation, change, better health

Wellness for Balance and Harmony

Wellness has become a popular term used in the health industry and across the globe to describe a positive sense of being. But what does it actually mean?

Wellness is the proactive integration of your mind, body and Spirit to create a balanced and harmonious life. Wellness and well-being are synonymous with each other and both terms are interchangeable.

Wellness is the result of a continuous journey to improve or maintain the various conditions of your life. It is a feeling of peace and contentment which comes from an inner source. You reach a state of well-being when there is positive flow of goodness in the many different facets of your life.

What does a life look like when well-being is present?

Wellness and Good Health

Well-being, self-improvement, transformation, change, better health

When you have glowing skin, glossy rich hair and are free of illness and disease it’s a sure bet that you are living life from a position of wellness.

A healthy physical appearance is more often a reflection of what is going on inside. So when you make conscious choices about your nutrition, physical exercise, and life style you are promoting optimum health.

When your life is plagued with debilitating conditions such as obesityheart diseasecancerdiabetes, hypertension it limits your enjoyment of life and your ability to engage fully with it. There is a close correlation between diet and disease and those suffering with chronic illness have more than likely been negligent in making healthy choices about their nutrition. This will catch up with you overtime and seriously impinge on your quality of life.

There is also your mental health to take into account when you consider well-being and a deterioration of this facet of your being can have long term consequences.

Mental well-being is reflected in your emotional and psychological stability. You make decisions and choices from a mature and evolved position. There is little or no drama in the life of a person who has good mental health and their presence is pleasantly felt.

Mental well-being is essential to develop loving, meaningful and lasting relationships with friends and family. If mental well-being is strongly present in your life you will never run short of close and special connections with loved ones.

Good mental health is the cornerstone of your peace of mind.

In contrast, if you have an imbalance in your mental health there is likely to be a lot of chaos and repeated episodes of drama. You will be out of sync in all areas of your life and a sense of hopelessness will be a constant feature.

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Wellness and your Social Life

Well-being, self-improvement, transformation, change, better health

Having wellness in the social aspect of your life is reflected in your ability to have fun, let your hair done and enjoy the best of life. Whether your calendar is full of activity or home is where your heart is you experience the joy of your environment.

Your social life can vary depending on what enjoyment means to you. It can look like fine dining, outdoor sports and activities, local or global travel, keep fit, long walks in the country, cycling, sailing, family time, reading, or just being at home with a loved one curled up in front of the television.

Your social well-being is dependent on the level of interaction with others. So when you are surrounded with good folk and have a strong support network you can rest assured of your social well-being.

Social wellness is also revealed within the confines of your home. Be it simple or sophisticated it will have your name on its door. Your home will be adorned with trinkets and charms that define who you are and it will be filled with an air of tranquillity and peace. Your home is your castle and your sanctuary and no place comes closer for providing your sense of safety and security.

Haven and heaven are synonymous in your abode.

If there is a lack of social well-being your life will feel empty. There will be moments of loneliness which will silently take hold of your life and deafen you slowly. There will be little or no quality of life and it will all feel meaningless. Your interaction with people may well be from a place of neediness and despair.

Wellness and Spirituality

Well-being, self-improvement, transformation, change, better health

When your life is centred around a Power greater than yourself and you live in gratitude of this Divine presence, your Spiritual wellness will flourish.

Whether your reverence is to God, Allah, Jah, Yahweh, Buddha, a Hindu deity, Taoism, Divinity, or the Life Force of the Universe, belief in a Divine source brings peace and harmony to your life.

It is well documented that the pursuit of a Spiritual life results in a greater sense of happiness and meaning than one void of Spirituality. Longevity of life will also profit those who incorporate some sort of philosophical structure or frame of reference to a higher source.

Spirituality promotes a deep connection with humanity and a desire to contribute to the welfare of others.

Spirituality as it relates to wellness looks like the unconditional love that you give to others. It is empathetic and sympathetic to those less fortunate. It is in the random act of kindness or the on-going fight for justice. It is in global awareness and an active participation to make the world a better place.

Fellowship and community is the bedrock for Spiritual seekers and provides the space for calm and recuperation from a world of chaos and noise.

If you want escape from a noisy world to the  confines of inner calm, learn to do so by taking a Free Meditation Course. You won’t regret it!

It is quite easy to identify a person with Spiritual wellness. You have a special glow that comes from within with a regal and majestic air. You possess a quality of distinction and your chatter is wise and absolute. Never loud but your presence is always felt with a graceful charm. The world is a better place with you in it and you light it up with ease. If those around you smile when you walk in a room it is probably because of your Spiritual well-being.

Wellness is a quality you feel within. You know you have it by the way it is expressed in your life. It is not something you have to look for, second guess or seek it in the validation of others. You will know it by the abundant flow of all good things to you.

Good healthenergy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, happiness, success and peace of mind are all wrapped in the wholesome disposition of wellness.

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