Wellness as a Way of Life

Wellness as a Way of Life

Well-being, self-improvement, transformation, change, better health

A Road Map to Wellness

The previous page on wellness and well-being looked at the definition and the various ways it may be expressed in your life.

On this page I am going to discuss what you can do to create a life-style with wellness firmly at its core.

In describing wellness I used the term proactive which suggests the active and conscious participation of your journey to well-being. A journey that may well require some changes and the integration of good habits and choices to optimize your health.

And like any journey worth taking, you will get out what you put in and the kinder you are to yourself the more you will enjoy the ride. There are no short cuts on this road but a well-organised and comprehensive road map will get you all the way home!

Not everyone is ready for change and although change can be tough the reality is no change is even tougher.

Change may involve giving up harmful habits and taking you out of your comfort zone to places unfamiliar and uncomfortable at first. But it is only at first. If you approach it with an open and positive attitude, a sincere heart and a healthy dose of perseverance thrown in to the mix, Sharing Self-Improvement will provide the rest. 🙂

Wellness is a way of life.

Your Road Map to Wellness for Better Health

There is an entire section on Body and Nutrition on this website which is jammed pack full of all the information you need to start living a healthy life.

Well-being, self-improvement, transformation, change, better health

But it does start with YOU! Changing your diet from unhealthy food that cause disease and decay to food which is healthy and nutritious will add a certain flavour to your life, a flavour that has nothing to do with food!

Overtime time consuming a healthy diet will make you feel great inside. You will be bursting with vitality and enjoy the pounds it naturally shreds from your body.

Your vital organs will perform at maximum capacity because of the clean uncontaminated fluid running through them. A diet of whole food, fresh organic fruit and vegetables in generous amounts, plenty of water and physical exercise will have you at the peak of good health and glowing every single day.

Your Road Map to Wellness for Good Mental Health

Just as whole food nurtures your body there is also nourishment for a healthy mind. An unhealthy mind is often the result of unhealthy choices throughout your life. Together, these become the filters of your mind and so obscured your vision.

Begin the process of cleaning out your mind of its unhealthy view of life and replace it with clean, rich, healthy filters.

Take walks in the park alone and submerge yourself in the sounds of nature. Listen to the notes the birds sing and feel the sunshine on your skin. Smell the scent of the flowers and allow it to resonate with you.

Greet a stranger with a smile and channel your energy so that the smile comes from a place within. Practise makes perfect until every smile will come from your heart.

Read books of a philosophical or Spiritual nature. Any concept which embraces holistic practices and promotes the development of Spirit through love and connection to the Universe will add value to your life.

Try something new. Put your fears on the shelf and try a new activity, a sport, vocational course, belly dancing, travel, it does not matter what. Stretch and challenge the frontiers of your mind.

Meditation and yoga. Such practices will help still your mind and channel positive energies around your physical and spiritual body.

Well-being, self-improvement, transformation, change, better health

Learn how to be still and live in the present moment. Embrace moments of silence, there is so much to be heard and felt during these times. Close your eyes and connect to the stillness and peaceful flow.

Sign up for a Free Meditation Course that will help you perfect these life-enhancing techniques.

Practice bringing your consciousness back in the moment every time it drifts off to thoughts of the past or future. Be present at meal times and concentrate all your energy in the moment, as you chew your food.  You will be surprised at the new flavours in your mouth!

Giving is good for the Soul and what is good for the Soul is good for the mind. Try giving to a charity be it your time or a monthly direct debit to the Red Cross. The feel good factor will more than compensate you. Even giving a smile will pay dividends and enrich you in ways that are priceless.

Before a meal or when you reach safely home, pause for a moment and send a warm thank you to the Universe for the precious gift of life.  Live in a state of perpetual gratitude. Be grateful for Life.

Anger, hatred, jealousy and bitterness erode the Soul like a cancer. Eliminate these negative and toxic feelings by writing them down on a piece of paper. Destroy the paper as a symbolic action of riding yourself of these emotions. You can burn them in your backyard or shred then into pieces and gently release them to the wind.

Your Road Map to Wellness for Better Lifestyle Choices

Your lifestyle is probably the best indicator of your well-being. If you live a busy, stressful, reckless and toxic-filled life it will probably show up as unhealthy and tired skin, disease, dependency, disappointment, emptiness and a lack of direction.

Use this short check list of do’s and don’ts as your road map to wellness and to create a road map of your own.


Enjoy yourself and have fun but ensure you get the sleep your body needs. Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

Keep your stress levels down and become a proactive participant in stress management. I have provided lots of tips and techniques on this website to identify stress and take charge of it.

Read these Free Meditation Tips – Learn How I Beat My Stress and Anxiety Through A Weird Meditation Method, powerful but simple and you’ll be amazed at the results

Well-being, self-improvement, transformation, change, better health

Connect with like-minded people who can share your interests and passions.

Practise turning off the television in exchange for an activity that will challenge your mind. Why not write a business plan or start a blog or a book? Even a board game or a crossword puzzle will help fuel-up the old grey matter.

Try exchanging the Saturday night hotspot for a spell at the art centre. Become acquainted with the arts through music, theatre, museums and cultural events. No one is asking you to give up the night club, just try complementing it with something new.


Don’t ingest toxic substances like tobacco, drugs and excessive alcohol.  You are subjecting your body to a slow but sure death and increasing the risk of psychotic disease.

Well-being, self-improvement, transformation, change, better health

These substances also play havoc with your skin exposing you to premature ageing and free radicals. Drink alcohol in moderation, you might be surprised that you can still have fun sober!

Don’t burn the midnight oil. By all means enjoy yourself but equally know your limits. Frequent hard partying, drugs and reckless behaviour could lead you down the path of no return!

Don’t sleep around. In the context of wellness multiple casual partners for sexual activity will steal your dignity and self-respect. Such behaviour is destructive and will not address the underlying void in your life. You may feel instant gratification but it will soon ware off and the endless search to fill the void will keep showing up as your next sexual encounter. And so the pain goes on and on and on!

Multiple partners and sleeping around increases the risk of STD’s and HIV. Surely your life is worth more than a game of Russian roulette?

Without sounding like a lecture or even your Mom, your body really is the Temple of your Soul.  Cherish and respect it well.

No-one can tell you how to live but there is no harm in sharing what works to bring a deep sense of meaning and well-being to your life.

Wellness is the beautiful destination where you resonate with your Soul.

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