What is a Life Coach?

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Thank you visiting my website and showing an interest in Life Coaching.

I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.

You may already know what a Life Coach does but even if you have heard of Life Coaching, you may only have a vague idea about what it is all about.

In this short introductory, I hope to explain the specifics of Life Coaching, beginning with the obvious question…

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a trained professional who plays a non-judgmental role in helping you set and achieve your personal goals. I will help you gain clarity and direction and challenge limiting beliefs you may have about yourself.

I work with people who have low self-esteem and have lost confidence for example.  I help improve their self-image so they can feel stronger and more confident.

Think about my role as helping you bridge the gap from where you are now to where you would like to be.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be giving you all the answers.  Within the framework of Life Coaching, I will support you to find the answers within yourself.  That way, there is no dependency on me, just a healthy, collaborative relationship helping you towards self-exploration, empowerment, independence and success.

You may have heard the term Wellness Coach, Relationship Coach, Weight Loss Coach etc. These terms represent the particular niche’ a coach works within.   They are all synonymous with a Life Coach and are interchangeable.

What a Life Coach is NOT

We are not professional therapists who listen to all your problems. A Life Coach will focus on the goals you want to achieve.

We are not counsellors who delve deep into your past for answers.  A Life Coach is more concerned with the strategies you can use today, to accomplish your goals.

We are not professionals in the field of psychiatry who diagnose mental illness or deal with issues of a deep emotional nature. A Life Coach works with clients who are seeking clarity, change and success and helps them step into action.

We are not mentors with a clearly defined agenda.  A Life Coach relies on an open agenda dependant on the needs of the client.

We are not professional consultants providing specialized industry-based knowledge. A Life Coach creates the space to help the client find the knowledge and solutions within.

We won’t simply sit and listen to your story or join you in a friendly chat.  A Life Coach is specially trained professional who will help you identify the big picture and support you to break it down into more manageable bite-sized pieces. 

Do I need the help of a Life Coach?


It is well documented that individuals are more likely to succeed when they enlist the services of a Coach.  Setting goals, being held accountable and unwavering support are critical ingredients to help you succeed.

This is what the Public Personnel Management, study 1997 had to say:

‘When training is combined with coaching, individuals increased their productivity by an average 88% as compared to 22% with training alone.’

And Coach Franklin Covey:

“Training alone results in 143-200% Return On Investment, while training combined with coaching results in 352%.”
— Franklin Covey Coaching

So whether you are feeling stuck, lost, discouraged, de-motivated, lack discipline or focus or don’t even have a road map, I’d be happy to hold your hand and help you get back on track.

Through the process of Life Coaching a special relationship is born. I have helped clients on their own unique journey of self-awareness, self-empowerment, reflection and discovery.

This is what my most recent client had to say:

‘I came to Michelle for coaching as I was struggling at work with relationship and confidence issues. Michelle helped me to overcome the problems I faced, by focusing on my strengths and allowing me to reconnect with my true self. Thanks to Michelle’s pragmatic and compassionate approach I was able to see clearly what i needed to do and made some very positive choices as a result!’

Kim Levan UK, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Why Chose me as your Life Coach Me?

Inspirational motivating quote on watercolor backgroundLooking back on my own journey, I have weathered many storms each one propelling me to greater heights.

I am a wealth of life experiences. Managing Director of my own Construction Company, mother of two grown up well-rounded children, a passionate advocate of Holistic Health, Fitness and Wellness and an avid entrepreneur.

I love being a Life Coaching.  I love helping my clients take charge and make life happen.  It thrills me when a client commits to a plan and systematically sees it through to the end.

I have learned through the many successes of my own life that setting goals, taking small deliberate steps every day towards them, commitment, determination hard work and accountability, will truly create the life you desire.

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‘We are the Masters of our destiny, the Makers of our world, the Victims or Victors of our circumstances and the Executors of our dreams’

Michelle H.A Williams

My Coaching Certification 

Health Coach Training (HCT) Professional Health Coach. Click the HCT Seal for details of the full 12 month curriculum: 

Animas Institute (UK)

Diploma in Coaching, Transformational Coaching (2012)

As your Life Coach I will help you get the results you want.  I will work with you to:

  • Identify the Big Picture then trim it downs to more a manageable prospect.
  • Find clarity, purpose and perspective.
  • Re-affirm your commitment and inspire motivation.
  • Set goals within a realistic timeframe.
  • Get clear and specific about moving forward.
  • Set short, medium and long-term goals with baby steps and an action plan.
  • Challenge self-defeating beliefs that do not serve you.
  • Create new thoughts, ideas and behaviour’s that are conducive to your happiness and success.
  • Identify and tap into your internal reference point for strength and direction.

I can coach you in the areas of:

  • Weight loss Management
  • Improving your health, energy and vitality
  • Low-Self-Esteem and confidence
  • Stress Management
  • Self-Improvement
  • Relationships
  • Any area of your life that you want to succeed in.

Learning to become the creator of my own world, I have been able to fulfil many of my dreams. I hope I can participate in the unfolding of yours and become your Life Coach.

I look forward to sharing your journey

Michelle Williams

Certified Life Coach & Professional Health Coach