What is Spirituality?

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality, spiritual growth, self-improvement, kindness, God I think about Spirituality as the personal relationship you develop with a Higher Power sometimes but not exclusively referred to as God.

Since God is everything that exists, Spirituality could be thought of as seeking God through the holistic relationship with yourself as a facet of His expression.

Because God dwells within us all, we share His qualities only not in the same magnitude.  Spirituality therefore is the recognition of a power, force or energy greater than yourself, co-creating to perfect the many conditions of your life.

This Divine Entity is entwined in everything that exists, and those on a spiritual journey may develop a sense of connectedness with all living creatures and the world at large.

Spirituality is the footbridge linking you to your intrinsic nature which lies beyond your physical and mental being.  Your intrinsic nature is your True or Inner Self, your Higher or Infinite Self, all terms are synonymous. Your intrinsic nature exists in the infinite and eternal realm of Spirit and remains unchanged.

The word ‘footbridge’ is a metaphorical idea to convey a very practical journey as well as the one that seeks the unfoldment of your Spirit.  The road you walk to Spiritual awakening therefore involves change and a way of life that supports the balance, harmony and nurturing of your Spirit and a personal value system from which to operate.

Your Spiritual value system will become the foundation to a happier, healthier, more loving, kinder and compassionate you. Your journey of self-discovery will lead you to the ultimate search to find your inner most essence, where you will discover God.  This is the ultimate goal of Spirituality reflecting that beautiful state of self-liberation.

But the action aspect of Spirituality is just as important as its esoteric nature therefore it is just as much about doing as it is about believing.

Spirituality, spiritual growth, self-improvement, kindness, God

Your Spiritual journey is synonymous with moving your life forward, personal growth, personal goals and pushing yourself beyond your current limitations as you exemplify the greatness of God.

Living with Spiritual Values allows you to respect the differences in people whilst embracing the common link that binds Humanity together.

Your life will reflect a certain order and deliberateness as you live in a state of openness.  Sincere seekers of Spiritual edification are seldom heard but their presence is often seen and felt by those around them.

For me Spirituality is like a beautiful kept botanic garden.  Perfectly nourished, perfectly pruned and perfectly blossomed.

Spirituality, spiritual growth, self-improvement, kindness, God

The Individual Ego

The nature of the material world in which we live is transient and finite.  It is always subject to change, in fact the only constant in the world of physicality, is change.

It is the reason why as part of the human experience you are forever flitting from one thing to the next in your efforts to satisfy your individual ego. However your ego constitutes only a fraction of a much greater Self which lies beyond your physical make-up.

The nature of the ego is constantly seeking an identity and recognition and constantly needs feeding.   You attempt to satisfy the ego by identifying yourself with it through what you have, what you do, your material possessions, the roles and titles you label yourself with and the compelling need to be right all the time and seek approval through others.

The ego with its limited form of identity is intrinsically linked to the senses and is always changing therefore impossible to satiate.

This constant chasing after the illusive star so to speak is wearing and when you operate from this place you negatively alter your equilibrium.

As you continue in the futile pursuit of earthly satisfaction and pleasure it takes you further away from your True or Higher Self which leads to a feeling of detachment and separation and a lack of purpose.

Spirituality, spiritual growth, self-improvement, kindness, God

This can lead to self-centred and selfish behaviour in your own self-created, self-absorbed world that feels more like a prison.

But there is an alternative

Your quest for harmony and balance in your life can be found as you embrace Spirituality. As you connect closer and closer with Spirit, the veil that has kept you in darkness and delusion will be lifted.

The search to satisfy your worldly and external needs will be sourced wholly from the deep inner chambers of your Soul. You will be awakened to a deeper sense of meaning in your life which ultimately will reveal your life’s purpose.

You will experience a greater sense of inner peace and satisfaction and a deep connection with others and the world at large. Your sense of peace will not be dependent on people, events or circumstances neither from the title you hold in the world, it will simply come from within.

Spirituality versus Religion

What is the difference between Spirituality and Religion is often a common question.

Spirituality is a very personal journey and involves sincere and honest introspection and an acceptance of truth.

Getting to know God under the auspices of Religion can be quite different from a Spiritual journey.  This is mainly because Religion is taught within a defined framework of a doctrine or creed.  There is usually a very clear delineation of what is accepted and what is not accepted within the tenets of organised Religion.

Even the process of getting to know God can be different under the dogma of some religions which advocate you evoke the guidance of an emissary or conduit to direct you to the affairs of God.

Spirituality at its core transcends the differences or divisions and has many roads that lead to the same destination.

It therefore does not seek to exclude on the basis of any doctrine based criteria but rather promotes practices that are inclusive and based on the sincerity of the seeker.

Spirituality ties you back to the source of all things which is God.  This in actual fact is no different to the original essence of religion which is found in the root of its name.

The root of the word religion is traced back to the Latin religare, ‘re’ – back, ‘ligare’ to bind.  The word religion is therefore translated as ‘to tie back’ ‘to bind back’.  The implication of the meaning is to bind back to the source of all that is which is God.

Essentially Spirituality and Religion are the same but its essence can sometimes get lost or mis-understood through dogma and divisions that are inherent in the teachings of religious scripture.

The all-inclusive nature of Spirituality is seen in many faces and many places.  As you embrace Spiritual practices it will become the core of an unwavering value system and colour the views of the many different areas of your life.

Spirituality, spiritual growth, self-improvement, kindness, God

Your spectacles of Spirituality will you see the bright rainbow as your highway to holistic harmony.  You will therefore feel compelled to shine the Light of Spirituality on everything that brings value and enriches your life. If the seeds of challenge are sewn in goodness Spirituality will yield your greatest harvest.

Your heart is smiling.  Your aura is glowing. Your Soul is peaceful.

Spirituality is the most beautiful journey you will ever walk during your lifetime.  You will make the world better for you, the children and the entire human race.

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