Who or What is God?

Who or What is God?

God, Spirituality, inner peace, love, spirit

God is known by many names and worshipped in as many different ways as there are lingo’s and languages to bare witness to His name.

Some say ‘God’, or The Divine’ ‘The All’ Mother Earth’ while others call ‘Allah’, ‘The Creator’ ‘Jehovah’ ‘Ra’, ‘The Universe’ ‘Cosmic Energy’ ‘Brahma’ or by any one of the numerous titles reserved for this ultimate source and force of life.

To fully understand the make-up and essence of God conflicts with giving God a name, place, sex or title. The existence of God is beyond the finite realm of confinement and limitation. Confinement and limitation are conditions which can often determine your own world but do not exist in the realm of infinity.

God is the ultimate Being and Infinite in nature therefore impossible to confine to any designation. The naming of God is often for the purpose of classification.  Humanity attempts to understand God through the eyes of a particular culture or through historical and religious expressions.

At SharingSelf-Improvement.com the ultimate goal is to seek God with the understanding that God is Infinite and transcends all designations.

We will therefore share our understanding of God on this premise, without titles. Titles cannot confer the completeness of God. It would be like trying to comprehend the incomprehensible nature of God through our finite filters which are way too narrow to capture the full glory.

Throughout this website we use labels or titles for identification or classification purposes. Hopefully doing so will avoid ambiguity so that we are all on the same page so to speak. But whether I use ‘God’ ‘Mother Earth’ ‘Brahma’ ‘Allah’ ‘He’ or ‘She’ is wholly insignificant to the greater significance of sharing with you the Perfect and Divine nature of God.

The wrapping paper a gift comes in has little or no meaning and bares no relevance to the splendour of what is inside. This is our approach to understanding God.

All terms to describe God are interchangeable on this website.

God is the eternal Creator of all things. Existence itself dwells in the infinite and unmanifest Cosmic Mind of God which upon thought, becomes manifest in the physical realm.

God, Spirituality, inner peace, love, spirit

God is Spirit and the giver of life as He breathed it into being. In doing so the celestial bodies are born. Planets, quasars, countless suns and worlds move with unimaginable velocity. Mountains and oceans are formed and every living creature is afforded a place in His great creation.

In His beautiful design He weaved His essence into every flower, every star and coloured the rainbow with His Soul as a reflection of His creative power.

From the book of Genesis 1

‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light’.

Before creation there was darkness then God created life from the formless mass of the primordial waters.

God is self-existent for all eternity so was not created. He wanted the experience of Himself as the creator of His own experience and this was His purpose for creating life. He is in a perpetual state of creating and through you makes the unmanifest, manifest. Through you the unseen becomes the seen.

As human-beings we are co-creators with God. We exist in the likeliness of God, the same quality but different in degrees. It means you have the potential to create greatness in your life as He has created greatness in His Universal design.

God is omniscient (All-Knowing)

God is omnipotent (All-Powerful)

God is omnipresent (All-Present)

As God is the Supreme Being with infinite intelligence it naturally follows that He would be all- knowing, all- powerful and present in all things.

The Divine blueprint was created with such accuracy and precision that nothing falls outside of its perfect order.

A combination of mathematics, astronomy, architecture and sacred geometry are interwoven into the wonders of life.

The Egyptian pyramids for example were built with such exactness and synchronicity using the stars and constellations at the root of their design.

The human body gave birth to God’s complex and intricate design. What modern device could construct an anatomy comprising of over 100 trillion cells. The capacity of which generate millions of new cells every second all working perfectly together!

The miraculous component of DNA which is coiled up in every cell, all six feet of it, contains complex information and instruction to communicate at this ethereal cellular level.

And many more dimensions of life through which God engineered His greatness and creative expression.

God is Love

God, Spirituality, inner peace, love, spirit

The nature of God is pure unconditional love. Just look around you and see how beautifully perfect He created the Earth.

He spreads His love upon Humanity in the roaring of the ocean waves and in the softness of a snowflake resting on the peak of a mountain.

He is not a God of wrath, judgment or punishment but a God that supports the unfolding of your life.

Heaven and hell are mental conditions of your mind that reflect your connection with God. Hell is not an ethereal place in the hereafter whereby your evil deeds on Earth cause you to burn in perpetual fire! Hell is the self- inflicting torment you feel by the absence of Love and detachment from God.

Heaven is the peaceful contentment that surrounds your being as you embrace and reflect the Love of God.

God bestowed free will upon you so that you can choose goodness if you so desire, over elements that cause you harm and destruction.

Through all your experiences both good and bad you grow and develop attributes, qualities and strengths which bring you closer to the Divine.

God lovingly supports your journey and is delighted when you return home to celebrate your True Self.

Being in unity with God is the ultimate expression of His love.

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