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Whole Food

Whole foods, natural food, healthy diet, optimize health, eating healthy

At Sharing Self-Improvement you will find us passionate about food like no other website on the face of this planet!

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We believe…You are what you eat!

That’s why you will find the most comprehensive information on the best food source to nurture your body, optimise your health and saturate every inch of your being with vitality!

You will find everything you need to know laid out in a clear and simple way to make getting fit and healthy fun and easy to do.

Let’s get started by asking:

What is Whole Food?

Whole foods, natural food, healthy diet, optimize health, eating healthy

Whole food are those provided by nature in a natural, unprocessed form, the way nature intended. That is food without artificial chemicals added to enhance texture, volume, flavour, colour or sweetness.

Foods that are free from genetic modification for commercial exploitation or have been stripped of their natural nutrients and composition.

Speaking of non-GMO and natural, unprocessed food. When it comes to whole food or any other food choice, it’s always best to go organic, a view also shared by Sunfood Superfoods.

I am really happy to Sunfood - Your Source For Superfoodsbe part of Sunfood Superfoods, a company born out of a desire to create an alternative path to health.

Like many health advocates they recognised an alarming trend of obesity and disease resulting from dead, processed food full of chemicals.

They believe that diet and nutrition is the road to great health, energy and longevity.

Sunfood Superfood’s mission is to source the most nutrient dense, raw, organic, non GMO Superfoods on the planet.

I absolutely love their products and passion for natural health through awareness, education and empowerment.

They share a similar vision as I do which is why I can’t think of a better company to support your nutritional needs, health and wellness.

I am excited for you to learn more and live healthier with Sunfood Superfoods! Did I mention their snacks are to die for. 🙂

So before looking more at whole food it is important to understand how your body processes and utilises the nutrients in food.

The natural occurring components of food are part of a complex of nutrients, enzymes and fibre that have a biological and chemical effect in the way food is digested and assimilated by the body.

Seven million new blood cells for example are produced every second, a manufacturing process that is dependent on the food you consume.

The body processes synthetic food in a different way to whole food.

Whole foods, natural food, healthy diet, optimize health, eating healthy

Processed foods have an inadequate amount of naturally occurring vitaminsminerals, anti-oxidants and phytochemicals. They are fortified with synthetic and/or isolated nutrients such as ironfolic acidcalcium, vitamin D and B.

These isolated nutrients are less absorbed then when they are consumed intact in their natural state alongside a variety of other nutrients, phytochemicalsfibre and water, all working synergistically for optimum health.

An example of this is the synthesis of naturally occurring fructose contained in fruit and the synthetic high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) added to soft drinks, baked goods, snack foods, yoghurt, and an endless list of other foods.

Both sugars, but can your body tell the difference? Although similar in taste, the resulting molecule in your digestive tract reveals the frightening truth.

Studies showed that test subjects who drank fructose sweetened beverages after each meal showed unhealthy changes in liver function and fat deposits. The fructose found in fruit on the other hand is wrapped in fibre and other components which help to release sugar much more slowly averting serious disease. The fructose contained in processed food has no such sympathy and goes straight for the liver, by-passing much of the digestive process.

Another reason why to choose whole food over processed food is to avoid the highly addictive ingredients found in salt, flour, sugar and oil based products.

Whole foods, natural food, healthy diet, optimize health, eating healthy

In her blog post Deana Ferreri PH.D tells us that:

‘The science on food addictions reveals that highly desirable food (low nutrient, high calorie, intensely sweet or salt food – those that make up the majority of the Standard American Diet) produce the same bio-chemical response in your brain that are characteristics of substance abuse. These include:

  • Compulsive use of the substance despite negative health and social consequence.
  • Tolerance, overtime, progressively greater amounts of the substance are needed to reach and maintain the high.
  • Withdrawal symptoms (toxic hunger) when the substance is discontinued.
  • Activation of reward pathways in the brain (such as the dopamine system). Read more: 

Whole Foods are Chemical Free

Many packaged and processed foods are loaded with chemicals. From pesticides to herbicides at the fertilisation stage of food to the saturation of chemical preservatives at the harvesting stage. All added for commercial benefits that have no concern for your health and well-being.

Over time these chemical build up can clog up your body reaping havoc on your liver and other organs responsible for the smooth running of your bodily functions.

And if chemical violation on food wasn’t enough, manufactures continue their onslaught on natural food by sabotaging its pure natural form. Wheat for example is bleached, stripped of its enzymes during the cooking process, grinded down into the finest particles and removed of its fibre. All this processing leaves the poor flour dead, void of nutritional value. White rice suffers a similar fate.

Whole foods, natural food, healthy diet, optimize health, eating healthy

Now that you know the score on whole food versus processed food, you’ve got every reason to choose whole food and the proof is definitely in the pudding (a natural healthy pudding of course!).

Check out this resource to help you select the best whole food for your diet. Learn more:

and click the image below for the best food source in a natural and wholesome state, the way nature intended!

Sunfood Body Care - Nutrition For the Skin

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