Your Inner Self and Happiness

Your Inner Self and Happiness

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Harnessing Life Sustaining Qualities

There are two types of happiness which we discussed earlier. The happiness which is connected to the external objects, person, or events in your life and creates an emotional state perceived as happiness.

The other form of happiness, is derived from within and is not subject to the external conditions around you. This happiness is synonymous with Peace and so the two are interchangeable.

When you delve into the inner chambers of your Self and harness that part of your being, you will see it expressed abundantly as happiness and success in your external world.

By working and developing your Inner Self I guarantee it will be the ultimate and most fulfilling journey you will make in your life.

So the question is, how do you begin to tap into that inner resource to unfold your life’s purpose and fulfil your dreams and desires?

Before exploring further, I want to give you a framework to better understand life beyond the physical world. In other words the realms of the Metaphysical.

Meta is a word coined by the Ancient Greeks and means beyond, after or at a higher level. When used as a prefix with physical or physics, it simply means the study beyond the physical nature of man.

To be Seen or Not Seen – That is the question!

Inner self, spirituality, metaphysical, positive thinking, self-confidence

Everything which exists in life whether seen or unseen is made up of energy consisting of negative and positive charges. From the microscopic single cell amoeba living on the ocean bed to the trillions of stars that formulates the magnificent galaxy. Air, light, sound, gas and even your thoughts and emotions are made up of energy.

Energy is made up of millions of subatomic particles that are constantly in motion at incredibly high speeds and much faster than the naked eye can see. An immutable law of nature that states ‘nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates’. This constant motion of atoms was asserted by Albert Einstein as:

‘Everything in Life is Vibration’ Albert Einstein

Inner self, spirituality, metaphysical, positive thinking, self-confidence

Energy vibrates at different speeds and the speed of vibration is called the frequency. Everything that exists has its own vibrational frequency.  When energy is vibrating at a lower speed it produces a more dense matter. When you slump in to your favourite chair after a hard day at the office, the ability to see and feel this dense or solid object is due to the speed of subatomic particles vibrating within it. The slow vibration of energy has produced the density of matter you know as your comfy arm chair.

It may be a difficult concept to grasp at first but the basic concept is that everything in existence is made of energy that never stops vibrating.

When energy vibrates at a much higher speed it produces a less dense matter some of which cannot be seen such as light, air, thoughtsemotions and the Spirit. Even within these individual spectrums energy is vibrating at different levels. Your emotions for example fall within a wide spectrum ranging from fear, greed, anger, hatred, grief and despair to joyhappiness, peace gratitude and love. What is really interesting is that negative feelings of anger and hatred for example vibrate at a lower frequency than love and gratitude.

Light as another example, travels in waves of energy and although all light travels at the same speed, its wavelength and speed of vibration produce different coloursHigher frequency colours on the spectrum of light are violet, blue and indigo. The lower frequency colours on the spectrum of light are yellow, orange and red.

Every element of life follows the same principle and can be measured in accordance with its vibration. Everything is energy. There is nothing solid in the universe it is all an illusion!

Quantum physics describes the universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy.

The most fascinating aspect of this science is that everything in nature is constructed from a corresponding geometrical form. The form of a rain drop or a beautiful rose takes on its physical structure because they are responding to some sound in nature.

Sound for example affects physical matter and has the quality of creating geometrical patterns.

By exposing a bottle of distilled water to the vibrations of music you will see amazing results.

The proof is in the water!

In a simple experiment a bottle of water was placed on a table between two speakers at regular volume. Classical music was played such as Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, Mozart’s 40th Symphony and Chopin’s Etude in E, Op 10, No 3. It resulted in beautiful, delicate and elegant well- formed crystals from the water that had distinct characteristics. By contrast, fragmented and malformed crystals were formed when the water was exposed to heavy metal music.

Another amazing experiment I must share with you was one conducted by using words written on a piece of paper and wrapped around the bottle of water facing inwardly. The results revealed that phrases like ‘thank you’ created beautiful hexagonal crystals. However the word ‘fool’ used under the exact same condition produced malformed and fragmented crystals similar to the heavy metal music.

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By understanding the scientific theories behind the laws of nature you have learned one of the most powerful principle which is…

Like attracts like’.

Inner self, spirituality, metaphysical, positive thinking, self-confidence

You can easily see that by gaining a deeper knowledge of the world beyond its physical expression has huge implications for enriching your life and fulfilling your grandest dreams.

I hope you can appreciate why embarking on the journey of Self and harnessing the field of Pure Potentiality as it is sometimes referred to, is the ultimate path that will take you on an amazing journey!

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